Incident Reporting and Root Cause Analysis System

Incidents can happen anywhere. Whether it is a fire incident, a theft, a road accident, an environmental hazard, a security breach or any other, if we can get to its root cause, we surely can eliminate its recurrence.









What is
Incident Board?

Incident Board is a powerful, state of the art software system where one can log incidents, analyse them and take appropriate measures to make sure that they do not happen again.

Comes with
powerful reporting

Incident Board not only has an in-depth dashboard for a quick overview regarding the incidents in an environment, it also has an extremely powerful reporting module to drill down to the root cause.



Incident Board is available in Lite, Pro and Enterprise versions.

Features Lite
Browser based application. Yes Yes Yes
Only one server installation required, no
separate client installation needed.
Yes Yes Yes
Runs over local network or Internet. Yes Yes Yes
Email notifications on incident logging. Yes Yes Yes
In-depth dashboard. Yes Yes Yes
Incident trend. Yes Yes Yes
Advanced search capability. Yes Yes Yes
Drill-down capability. Yes Yes Yes
Root cause analysis. Yes Yes Yes
Data filtering based on place, incident
type, nature, responsibility and cause.
Yes Yes Yes
Customisable incident types, users, locations,
incident natures and incident causes.
Yes Yes Yes
Find the top employees or contractors involved in incidents. Yes Yes Yes
View estimated financial loss. Yes Yes Yes
View estimates man-hour loss. Yes Yes Yes
Generate tabular reports. Yes Yes Yes
Download incidents summary report in text format. Yes Yes Yes
Download root cause analysis report in text format. Yes Yes Yes
Reporting period customisation. Yes Yes Yes
Violations register. Yes Yes Yes
Theme customisation. Yes Yes Yes
Maximum users allowed. 5 Unlimited Unlimited
Link user to incident type. No Yes Yes
Mobile application. No Yes Yes
Google maps integration. No Yes Yes
IoT devices integration. No Yes Yes
Multiple location/premises management. No No Yes
Link user to location/premises. No No Yes

Available Reports

Total Incidents Incident Trend Incidents by Type, like Fire, Security, Environment, etc.
Incidents by Nature, like Fatality, Accident, Near Miss, etc. Incidents by Location Incidents by Responsibility, like employee or contractor involved
Incidents by Injury Severity Incidents by Asset Loss Incidents by Environment Loss
Incidents by Reputation Loss Incidents by Month Incidents by Date
Incidents by Weekday Incidents by Hour Man-hour and Financial Loss
Incidents Summary Report in Text Format Root Cause Analysis Report in Text Format Violations by Person and by Location

Ideal Applications

Industrial Fire and Safety
Drill down to causes like loose wiring, overheating, gas leakage, chemical spills, etc.
Fire Departments
Log incidents and get to the root cause of fires to make the community safe.
Police Departments
Find out the causes of thefts, robberies, murders, kidnapping and more.
Find what leads to medical problems and emergencies.
Safety, security, fire, customer dissatisfaction can be logged for analysis.
Analyse security, fire safety, terrorism, drug trafficking, weapons, flight delays and more.
Analyse breaches, trespassing, threats, terror attacks, weapon possession and more.
Quality Control
Log rejections and drill down to the root cause of unacceptable quality.
Breakdowns, loose fittings, leakages, short circuits, malfunctions and more can logged and analysed.
Drill down to causes of spills, contamination, pollution, ozone damage and more.
Rescue and Emergency Services
Analyse in detail road accidents, building collapses, medical emergencies, suicides, etc.
Educational Institutes
Log and analyse cases like behaviours, violence, racism, abuse, injuries, drugs, weapons and more.
Find causes of fires, derailments, level crossings, delays or record security incidents.
Human Resource
Analyse issues like harassment, attitude, performance, work relations, discrimination, etc.
Coast Guard and Border Security
Track incidents like border crossing, cross-border firing and more.

The use of Incident Board software system is limited only to one's imagination.

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